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Our Story

Paraty® Nature Lingerie is a Greek company, headed by Alexandra Seremeti. Alexandra has many years of experience in the creation and production of women's clothing, but above all she has a passion for harmony, comfort and quality.

With Paraty® Nature Lingerie, Alexandra brings her passion to lingerie and home-ware. Her aim is to meet modern women’s needs for comfortable, safe and stylish underwear. Paraty® Nature’s underwear and home-ware embrace, protect and highlight the female body, while at the same time offering a perfect fit and a wonderful feeling of comfort and luxury.


The underwear and homeware series are creations of Greek designers. While all products are 100% Greek, except for the French lace used for the Romantic line.

The brand name is a fusion of the Spanish phrase “Para ti”, which means “for you” and the name of Paraty, one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil, which since 2019 has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Alexandra Seremeti Head of Paraty Nature

Paraty® Nature Lingerie is unique because:​

  • It becomes one with the body.

  • It ensures an amazing sense of freedom and comfort.

  • It is produced with 100% natural micromodal fibers.

  • It is soft,  durable and antibacterial.

  • It has no wiring, no silicone, no artificial elements​.

  • It has a unique design , ensuring amazing fit, whilst enhancing the elegancy and femininity  of every woman.

  • Ideal for Women who have had cosmetic or other breast surgery​.

The uniqueness of Micromodal:​

  • Micromodal is a natural, finest fiber, which is extracted from cellulose plants in a very environmental process.​

  • It is exquisitely soft, ensuring comfort all day long​

  • It has the ability to absorb skin’s moisture and allows the skin to respire in the most natural way​

  • Due to the smooth surface and natural origin of the fiber, it does not irritate the skin. ​

What makes us unique

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